IMG_1119.JPGInstalling roofing- cedar shingle.  This is a plywood roof, then felt, then a layer of battens running up the slope, then skip sheathing over that.  The felt is installed with shake felt, with insect screening at the eaves and rake. IMG_1159.JPG

A shot of the roof before the rake trim detail has been added.  The black staining is a mixture of vinegar and iron oxide that causes the tannin in the wood to darken.  The same process was used on the Pine car decking floor, then a coat of polyurethane to protect it.IMG_1162.JPG

A second shot, showing the 6×6 top plate that extends out to carry the overhang.  Copper flashing was added to protect the beam.IMG_1188

Door installed and siding finished, paint still in process.IMG_1189

A closer shot, with the deck and railing nearby.  The siding and rake details of the studio match the house and the deck.IMG_1192

This is what the floor looks like after being treated with the iron & vinegar solution and a coat of polyurethane.IMG_1193

That’s how dark the shingles can get.  We added a little roof over the wood pile to keep it dry.  Hung it off the existing fence.  Matches with the studio, which is heated by a small woodstove.